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Brain Flow Radio with Angie Tabio and Oscar Arias Podcast

Brain Flow Radio with Angie Tabio and Dr. Oscar Arias is a show dedicated to discussing how we can assist people in unlocking their human potential through the cultivation of their own strength, resilience, and well-being. They have discovered, as researchers and storytellers, that there are a number of human strengths that protect against mental illness and promote human fulfillment.


Angie and Oscar are among the best in the business at assisting individuals and organizations in developing their unique capabilities. They enjoy having fun, sharing heartfelt stories, and debating the most recent scientific discoveries. Every Sunday from 2:00pm-3:00pm, listen to WWNN 95.3FM, 96.9FM, and 1470 AM..

Disclaimer: “The content, information and opinions expressed during the related show are those of the show personalities and guests alone and not those of Beasley Media Group, LLC, its parent, affiliates or Stations.  Because Beasley Media Group is not responsible for any content, information or opinions expressed, users bear full responsibility for their reliance on such content, information or opinions.”

51 episodes

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